Warm in the Wake Loft Sessions on XM 50

We recorded a full hour of live material on XM Radio's The Loft (Channel 50). Direct TV subscribers can also tune in on their XM channel on TV.

Air times for the show are as follows:

Monday, Jan. 21st at 12noon (eastern).

Monday 1/21: 9:00pm

Thursday 124: 3:00pm & 9:00pm

Friday 1/25: 4:00am

Saturday 1/26: 7:00pm

XM Satellite Radio
XM-50 The Loft

Tame Thoughts Video Shoot

Our Buddy Sam did a fantastic job directing the video shoot for "Tame Thoughts". Thanks to Sam and the whole crew for getting everyone in place/line...Thanks to Kip and Mia Bella's for letting us use the space...Thanks to all the "extras" that showed up to help us make it happen! Photos are of Sam in action and another of James during a special scene. The video is coming soon!
P.S. More photos on our Real Time Blog...

Sold Out New Year's Eve Show at Smith's in Atlanta

New Year's Eve at Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta with the Modern Skirts and Rantings of Eva! Thanks to the Modern Skirts for the show and the mixes that followed into the early A.M.